1. Special Phases or Expressions normally said by people.
  2. Religious way of speech





  • against the clock running out of time
  • A leopard cannot change its spots. People can’t change who they are; people don’t change.
  • Cut corners. completing something poorly to save money
  • pulling your leg playing a joke or teasing someone
  • See eye to eye. agreeing on something
  • a penny for your thoughts asking what someone is thinking about
  • heard it through the grapevine hearing gossip or talk from others
  • fixed in your ways not willing to change the way things are normally done
  • cup of joe cup of coffee
  • feeling under the weather feeling sick
  • a dime a dozen common; regular
  • a piece of cake simple to do; easy
  • Get over it. Stop letting something bother you.
  • It’s anyone’s call. A very close or tight competition; anyone could win.
  • You crack me up. You make me laugh.